SKO UNO is since March 1st 2015 owned by MICC Denim Agency and we could not be more proud!

As part of this we have launched our online shop at http://sko-uno.com in order to let people around the world take part of this iconic store that has been around since the 70’s. We will have a sale during spring in order to reduce inventory and make room for even more fantastic products! During summer we will do some slight renovations to the store in order to present an even better SKO UNO with the same look & feel that we all love. Our inventory is so big that we will be adding new products to the online store almost daily. For this particular reason we are hoping to see you here very often to see what treasures that we have found down in the basement of this iconic adress in the middle of Stockholm. We will gradually be adding our denim brands, t-shirts, sunglasses etc. at both the store and online in order to make SKO UNO the best, coolest and most unique destination for great, special products.